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Ar.Avinash Nawathe - 3 decades of changing Pune's skyline
The Punekar PodcastDecember 03, 2021x
00:31:4929.19 MB

Ar.Avinash Nawathe - 3 decades of changing Pune's skyline

Ar. Avinash Nawathe approaches design like a poet, for him it all starts with the words, the underlying concept that is to be put to meter in form of a 'sketch'. His ability to connect architecture with the essence of life, i.e. human emotion, is what made him the stalwart he is today. There were ma...

Power Phrases that changed my life! (PART 1)

Power Phrases that changed my life! (PART 1)

Power phrases have the potential to change our mindsets. So far, I have come across 4 profound, power phrases that changed the course of my life. In this episode and the next, I take the time to walk you through my experience of these power phrases. I hope you enjoy the episodes and walk away with p...

The SoapyRao Show ft. Becky Kekula

The SoapyRao Show ft. Becky Kekula

Becky Kekula is a motivational speaker living with dwarfism. We talk about her life growing up with this condition, the social elements that she was exposed to, the gaping flaws in our society that little people face, hindrances that labels pose, dating and the struggle in finding a partner. You can...

Do Founders Make Bad CEOs?
Revolution ReadOnDecember 03, 202100:07:236.78 MB

Do Founders Make Bad CEOs?

Why has Twitter not been successful despite a founder CEO? And what does Dorsey's future hold after his resignation? Find out in today's episode.

Award winning playback singer Hrishikesh Ranade
Inspiring Stories by SakalDecember 03, 2021x
00:40:4037.27 MB

Award winning playback singer Hrishikesh Ranade

#InspiringStories बाय सकाळ या कार्यक्रमातील आजच्या भागात आपल्याला महाराष्ट्रातील सुप्रसिद्ध गायक हृषिकेश रानडे (Hrishikesh Ranade) यांचा प्रेरणादायी प्रवास अनुभवता येणार आहे. Inspiring Stories (You will be able to experience the inspiring journey of many dignitaries who have gained fame all over the...

Kids Jokes Ep46

Kids Jokes Ep46

Kids Jokes Ep46 by Aarav The best hand to write with The one where mechanics discuss laziness, Doh De Oh by Kevin MacLeod (

कोरोनाशी दोन हात करणारं Chewing Gum ते महाराष्ट्रात येणाऱ्या प्रवाशांना हे नियम पाळावेच लागतील
Sakalchya Batmya / Daily Sakal NewsDecember 02, 2021
00:11:4210.78 MB

कोरोनाशी दोन हात करणारं Chewing Gum ते महाराष्ट्रात येणाऱ्या प्रवाशांना हे नियम पाळावेच लागतील

1. कोरोनाशी दोन हात करणारं Chewing Gum; 95 टक्क्यांपर्यंत संसर्ग रोखणार 2. कर्मचाऱ्यांना WFH, मग मुलांना शाळेत जायची सक्ती का? SC ने सरकारला फटकारले 3. ''महाराष्ट्रात येणाऱ्या प्रवाश्यांना 'हे' नियम पाळावेच लागतील'' 4. 'या' महिलेचं कसलं हे लग्नाचं व्यसन! स्वत:साठी शोधत आहे बारावा वर 5. पीएम केअरमधून...

HBO Is Playing A Game With You
The Signal DailyDecember 02, 2021x
00:06:135.71 MB

HBO Is Playing A Game With You

TW: Mention of sexual harrasment It’s that time of the year when game plans come into fruition. HBO is not far behind from joining the gaming bandwagon along with the likes of Netflix. It is stepping into the free-mobile games space and looks forward to expanding its business. That’s exciting. In an...

Changing Narrative: Powerful Life
Unstoppable WomanDecember 02, 2021x
00:37:0834.05 MB

Changing Narrative: Powerful Life

Nirupama Subramanian is a consultant, facilitator and leadership coach with a wealth of experience built up over 25 years. She is the Cofounder at GLOW, an organisation committed to the development of inclusive work cultures and empowering women for leadership roles. Among her many accomplishments, ...